Monday, August 27, 2007

This Is Not EVEN a Normal Monday

When you wake up to the news that Gonzales is out of there without impeachment everyone I know must be ecstatic.

But my euphoria ends when I realize the jokes I saw and thought about last week about another stupid Bushie appointment are actually true, it blows my mind.

Outrage fatigue has really set in this time. How can the leader of the free world actually believe that the guy who heads up Homeland Security would make a perfect AG?

It just reminds me how the Twig thought about losing a city and his first thoughts are, "Good job, Brownie."

So what do we look forward to now, "Good job, Mikey," after the next AG completes the destruction of the Constitution and there is rioting in EVERY American city?

Perhaps that last 27% of Americans who believe George Bush is their god and savior, might become born again moderates after Bushie's new fiasco. I am finding it hard to be positive when American leadership sucks.

But really now, isn't there a kind word in there somewhere. The day has just begun. I'll think of something. Maybe.


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