Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Obama Lead Narrows at Isabella County Fair as Gore Write-In Vote Emerges

The results of the unscientific straw poll at the Isabella County Democratic Party's booth at the county fair took an interesting turn on the second day of the fair on Tuesday.

Al Gore supporters who are trying to draft Gore to run for president made their presence felt on Tuesday unduly influenced perhaps by campaign literature inadvertently left on the voting table. But integrity has been restored to the voting process by moving the Gore lit over to the the free literature table where it belongs.

Hillary Clinton won the day on Tuesday by just one vote ahead of Barack Obama, but Obama still holds the overall lead at the county fair so far. With four more days to go at the fair it is anyone's guess which direction the Isabella County Fair vote will go.

Now for the gory details or perhaps Gore-y details. On the Tuesday poll Clinton lead with 12 votes, Obama had 11 votes, Gore had 6 write-ins, Edwards had 5 votes, Kucinich had 2 votes and Bill Richardson had 1. Thus far Joe Biden and Mike Gravel have failed to get any votes from the Isabella County fair visitors. But there is still time to make their mark if their supporters come by the voting table in the Merchants Building at the Isabella County Fair.

Now the overall vote total for the two days at the fair still has Obama leading Clinton with 20 votes to Clinton's 19. Edwards now has 8 votes and Gore has 6 write-ins. Dennis Kucinich tallied his two votes on Tuesday and Chris Dodd and Bill Richardson are still lagging with just one vote each.

So come on out to the fair. Your vote could be the one that moves this election.


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