Sunday, August 12, 2007

Clinton Wins ICDP Isabella County Fair Straw Poll

The cows and chickens are going home and the rides are being trucked off the fair grounds just a few miles north of Mount Pleasant, Michigan and hundreds of Isabella County Fair straw poll voters have decided that Hilary Clinton should be our next president.

I have a feeling if we polled our e-mail list the result would be different, but the people who stopped at our voting table and circled their ballots at the Isabella County Democratic Party's Isabella County Fair booth have spoken and their choice is Clinton with 34.89% of the vote. Obama took 28.97% of the county fair votes and Edwards polled 20.25% of the 312 votes that were cast.

Straw polls don't mean anything 15 months before an election but the MSM (mainstream media) don't know that yet. Bloggers are inherently smarter than the MSM dweebs, but that is our little secret and why the evolution of the blog in the next 10 years is going to change things. Wishful thinking or prediction? You decide.

Need more information about the straw poll? Just ask any Isabella Democrat to fill you in on the details. They have spreadsheets.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here's a straw poll that actually means something, because plurality (vote for one) voting performs horrendously when you have more than two candidates. That's because candidates Y and Z can be preferred by a huge majority to candidate X, but can split the vote such that X still "wins". Here's a severe hypothetical example to illustrate this phenomenon.

The solution is Range Voting.

3:04 AM  
Blogger John B. said...

Very interesting comment there, broken arrow, but like many blog commenters, you take yourself way too seriously. If you had actually read what we have really had to say about this poll, it is VERY unscientific and does not mean a thing at this stage in an election.

All things being considered, range voting is an interesting concept but not suitable to the goals we laid out for conducting this straw vote poll.

Thanks for the comment though. Feel free to come back and further enlighten our readers, all three of them.

7:39 AM  

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