Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Hilary Pulls Ahead on Wednesday at the Isabella County Fair

It doesn't move as drastically as the stock market, but on Wednesday the Isabella County Democratic Party's Presidential Straw Poll being conducted at the Isabella County Fair did take a wild swing.

Of course, the vote is very unscientific, but among those county fairgoers who were coerced, cojoled or persuaded into marking their ballots and stuffing them into our ballot box, Hilary Clinton was the clear favorite garnering 23 votes on Wednesday to build her 3-day tally now to 42 votes. Barack Obama only garnered 14 votes on Wednesday to bring his tally to 34 votes. John Edwards also had a surge of 10 votes on Wednesday bringing his 3 day tally to 18 votes. The three front runners remained the three front runners.

The highest vote-getter outside the top three was a candidate who is not even officially running but is the recipient of a groundswell of Michigan supporters who want to draft him to run, former vice president Al Gore. Gore's 3-day tally of write-in votes moved to seven with the addition of one write-in on Wednesday.

New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson also picked up another 4 votes on Wednesday to bring his fifth place tally to 5 votes. Just one vote away is Dennis Kucinich who now has 4 votes, picking up two on Wednesday.

Bringing up the rear were Joe Biden and Mark Gravel who both finally got one vote each on Wednesday. It was the first day they both manged to garner a vote.

Thursday is always one of the busiest days at the Isabella County Fair, so it is hard to tell what will happen next. Obama hung on to the lead on Monday and Tuesday, but Hilary has now clearly pulled ahead. Then there is the Friday and Saturday votes to count.

Which way will the vote go tomorrow at the ICDP County Fair Booth? It depends on who stops by the booth to vote.

One interesting sidelight -- a youngish woman in her mid to upper 20's stopped by the booth with her significant other and made it clear she was voting for Hilary. Her male companion, said loudly," There is no way I will ever vote for a woman," and he said the ever with emphasis.

We asked him if he would like to vote. He said loudly, "NO."

She smiled.


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