Sunday, May 04, 2008

Rich People Don't Use Library -- Want to Kill It

All over Mt. Pleasant Isabella County's richest property owners are putting up signs to kill a property tax millage with red colored Vote No To New Taxes signs. All along Pickard Street in front of Republican owned stores the vote no to the library millage signs on the county's highest traffic thoroughfare.

Library users are a mix of civic minded people and poorer folks who can't afford to buy a book or magazine whenever they want to. Of course, the LaBelle's and Fabiano's of our county don't need to send their kids to the local library if they need to cite encyclopedia sources in their reports, they can just buy their own encyclopedias.

Of course, a property tax is a progressive one that makes the rich pay their fair share. If they own millions of dollars worth of property, then they pay more to fund the library than those with a more modest home. So naturally they get behind an effort to kill the millage for the library.

Of course, the library millage is not a new tax, it's just a renewal of a library millage with a little additional to add a new addition to the library. That doesn't matter -- Isabella County's richest property owners don't give a damn that a vibrant library is an essential tool for the families in Isabella County who have the least.

They've got theirs and they want to keep it. In fact, they want more tax cuts for the rich. The rich could kill the library millage this time with all that advertising, but they don't care. Isabella County's poorest people are not their problem.


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