Sunday, April 13, 2008

Clinton's 'Bitter Politics' Likely to Backfire

Barack is right about being bitter. He has represented my feelings all along. I think Hillary is using the Karl Rove mentality against her own party. She is the one that is always harping on the things Barack says. I think he is correct--ask the people who are losing their jobs and their unemployment has run out. That's hundreds of thousands of people. They are indeed bitter. Ask the people about the war, they are indeed bitter. Ask them about wasting money on the war and putting our children and grandchildren in debt for years. Yes, they are indeed bitter. Ask them about the crimes of the Bush years. Yes, they are indeed bitter. Why doesn't Hillary get that?

Hillary's poorly managed campaign staff is struggling and seems to need to go negative using Karl Rovian tactics. But when Hillary brings attention to Barack's problems, the media directs all the attention to him again--so her team of advisors doesn't seem to get it -- that they are just giving Barack another opportunity to show his finesse.

I know as a person, I can't control the thoughts, actions or expressions of people I associate with. When Hillary says she just wouldn't go to that church if someone like Barack's pastor was there or would walk out if he talked like that--that shows me she is closed minded and isn't interested to hear others views.

She is a good politician, but seems to be missing an opportunity to run as a woman. Is that because she is afraid to address feminism or is it because she has sold out--where are the speeches about equal pay for equal work, the speeches about quality day care for working mothers, the list is long. Has she become just one of the good old boys?

Barack has already given his race speech. So where's the gender speech from Hillary? Seems her campaign staff believes bitter politics gets more votes, but that can backfire too, because many of us women support Barack without consideration for his race or gender. He's an incredibly intelligent candidate with a better vision for our country. Hillary is good, but Barack is simply better.


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