Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Clinton Gas Plan Bad For Michigan: Granholm Please Note

Jennifer Granholm who has been doing a fairly good job of working hard to stimulate job growth and diversification of Michigan's economy might have to rethink her support of Hillary Clinton as result of her new proposal on gas prices.

Clinton is proposing a tax cut that makes her sound like a Republican. But even worse, cutting the federal gasoline tax would also cut billions of dollars out of road construction projects at a time when Gov. Granholm has been accelerating road projects to create more Michigan jobs.

Apparently, Clinton needs a few more votes and she will do anything to get them including helping to destroy Michigan jobs.

Obama is right on about this one. We need a real national energy program, not another quick fix. At a time when GM is announcing thousands of more Michigan layoffs, the last thing we need is a Republican style proposal from a Democrat.

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