Sunday, April 13, 2008

Not All Men Who Oppose Clinton Are Sexist Pigs, But Clinton Supporters Should Do the Math

GeneG and the references to the Cleveland Plains Dealer article in the previous post raised some good points about some sexist pundits and how they treat a female candidate, but I have to wonder just how much the comments have to do with the author's own slights in the past.

It's obvious that many career women and perhaps the Cleveland writer have strong emotions and harsh feelings about how they may have been treated in the past including being passed over for promotions, etc. It's perfectly understandable that some women feel a special bond when they feel that Hillary is also being slighted and unfairly attacked.

But not all of the men who feel Obama is the better 0f the two candidates are male chauvinist pigs. GeneG glibly suggests that only women can multi-task and I happen to think that is a sexist remark. As a father of two 30-something daughters, I am pleased they and their friends have not had to fight as hard to get ahead as their mothers. Yes, sexism in America is not dead yet and it would be nice to see a good woman in the White House, but it is highly unlikely right now.

The male candidate in this race quite simply has run a masterful campaign. The female candidate's campaign is desperate and has been poorly run. The Obama campaign has had its setbacks, but it has come back. The race speech was a stunning and perhaps historic accomplishment alone. The fund raising and voter targeting of the Obama campaign have been superb. He didn't have to loan his campaign money.

But it all comes down to the math. The rules as they stand now, assuming they won't be broken to make Hillary our candidate, are a tally of delegates. The Obama campaign has mastered the rules so well and the math too that despite Clinton's popular vote lead in Texas, Obama still walked away with more delegates in Texas. On a level playing field where everyone knows the rules AND abides by them Obama will take the nomination.

But don't take my word for it. Do the math yourself using the CNN delegate counter tool for the next ten states and let me know if you can come up with a logical scenario where Clinton can get the required 2024 delegates to take the nomination away from Obama. Here is the link to the CNN delegate counter. Just slide the little bar to how you think the vote might come out for each remaining state contest and see what delegate tally you get. Try different scenarios.

Sorry, Clinton supporters. It really is over even if Hillary takes Pennsylvania and North Carolina. All Obama has to do is stay close and Hillary doesn't have a chance. Unless we break the rules.

Any Hillary supporters want to break the rules to take the nomination away from an erudite mixed race candidate who has inspired millions of young people to rejoin the party ranks?


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