Thursday, April 24, 2008

Remind Our Democratic Leaders We Care About Clean Water in Mid-Michigan

Just how important are our rivers and lakes to you? Can you do something simple right now to save some of our area's greatest water resources? Yes, you can.

Earth Day doesn't need to be the only day we think about the environment especially when we are facing some major public policy decisions that affect our region of the state.

Right now our friends in Midland and Saginaw Counties need our help by signing a simple online petition that will be presented to our Governor and our two US Senators asking for their support to clean up the mess created by the Dow Chemical Company.

It will just take a few seconds to lend your voice to the online petition and if you want to read more about it before you sign, please take the time. Click on the headline above or right here to add your voice to make sure that Dow Chemical is forced to do the right thing.

Dow Chemical at first denied they caused the problem, then claimed it wasn't as bad as we "tree-huggers" claimed and now that it has been proven that Dow pollution is among the worst in America they want to minimize the cost to the company. They have lost the court battles, but they still hope to win at the negotiation table with officials who are our friends.

Taxpayers should not have to pay for the mess Dow created. Our Democratic leaders need to stand up to Dow and we need to remind them why we elected them.

Just do it.

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