Saturday, April 26, 2008

Blame The Founding Fathers For Michigan-Florida Mess

The finger pointing is getting tiresome.

Democrats who don't have a clue are blaming the Michigan Democratic Party and then there is Debbie Dingel, Mark Brewer, Governor Granholm and, of course, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama all trying to make sense out of a system created by our founding fathers.

The truth is those founding fathers remarkably created a democracy at a time when monarchs ruled, but it was an imperfect democracy. It has been up to future generations to amend that democracy with the times to make it work and we have now reached a time that challenges us all to take our shot at making it a more perfect democracy.

Those founding fathers didn't imagine that women could vote for the nation's leader, much less become one. A mixed race president would be unbelievable to Thomas Jefferson and John Adams. Fortunately, we've made some progress with this imperfect democracy, but it is now clear we need a complete overhaul of both the nominating process and how we vote for president. The electoral college is a ridiculous waste of time and money. So is the nominating process. But change doesn't come unless things get really bad and the time is here.

Our Michigan Democratic leaders wanted to bring attention to our flawed democracy, but could not have imagined the end results of those efforts. They have succeeded beyond their imaginations because we are seeing history in the making.

So let's make history. Our history. We are the new founders. Let us create that more perfect union and let us encourage Mark, Debbie, Jennifer and Howard to help us do what we can't do ourselves. Find a solution that works better for our times. We will help them get it implemented.

What we have now isn't working. We all know that. I know what I am doing to fix what needs fixing about the Democratic Party and politics where I live, but if all YOU are doing is complaining about this imperfect system instead of doing something about it, I am sympathetic with all the complaints and blaming, but still wonder if more of us got REALLY involved we could do more.

Progressives joining forces makes me very hopeful. That's one of the reasons I am looking forward to the Michigan Policy Summit. We are all working on fixing this mess the founding fathers handed over to us. This could be the year for the great changes we now know we need.

Blame it all on the founding fathers, but let's all get to work. This is our year. This is our country. This is our mess to fix.


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