Friday, April 11, 2008

Come on guys, lighten up!

I know this blog is leaning heavily toward Obama, but I have worked too long for the rights of women to put up with idea that he is the answer to all our problems. Give me a person who can multi-task!

Think about checking this article written by Connie Schultz in the Cleveland Plain Dealer entitled, "Men, it's not your place to tell Clinton to quit the race," in April 6, 2008 issue.

I cannot believe the level of misogyny present among the pundits in this race against Clinton. I have wondered just what woman could run and not raise the hackles of these same men. When did you hear the clothing, voice, haircuts among other things criticized in male candidates? One pundit suggested the other day she only became senator in NY because of her association with Bill. There are a number of women in the Senate now who were elected on their own, including her.

Now mind you I am sure that they will be after Obama on another whole list of things if he is candidate.


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