Monday, October 30, 2006

CM-Life: Choose Granholm

CMU's student paper, Central Michigan Life, gets it right:

It’s easy to point a finger at our current leader, Gov. Jennifer Granholm.

But the reality is it’s not Granholm’s fault.

Michigan’s dependence on the dwindling automotive industry has crippled the state’s economy.

Plants have shut down; thousands have lost work.

In response, Granholm has created a Jobs Fund initiative which will pour more than $2 billion into new sectors including alternative energy and the life sciences.

Granholm also inherited a state with a $4 billion deficit and has had to work during her first term to pull ahead.

Starting over is not what our state needs. Voters will be investing in the future of Michigan by voting to re-elect Granholm.

What about education and health care?

Under Granholm, K-12 education funding is at an all-time high of $7,085 per student. The governor also has proposed a New Merit Award scholarship, giving each Michigan high school student $4,000 for higher education.

Granholm is investing in the state’s future by keeping education a priority.

Granholm also has a plan to make health care available to all of Michigan’s residents.

The governor’s Michigan First Health Care Plan would make private health care available to more than 500,000 uninsured Michiganders.

And as for the other guy?

DeVos simply is a former CEO who had the means to run for governor.

According to campaign finance reports filed Friday, and as reported in The Detroit News on Saturday, DeVos has spent $34.6 million of his own money during his campaign.

A large checkbook cannot buy the governor’s office.

While DeVos’ success and exorbitant bank account may be a flashy beacon for frustrated Michiganders, the fact remains this family businessman is not equipped to lead our state.

They conclude by praisinbg the incumbent, and offering important advice to her:

Granholm already has the tools necessary to lead Michigan; not only does she have a mastery of the law, she’s familiar with the territory.


She must actively work to create an environment in Michigan that fosters growth.


If Granholm is to take Michigan out of its slump, she needs to pull out all the stops. She needs to foster a strong working environment with Republicans and Democrats alike.

Pulling the governor from office now, halfway between a $4 billion deficit and a struggling economy, will only create more problems by setting someone new on that tough road — someone who hasn’t already walked it.

This isn’t the time to bring in someone new.

Vote Granholm.

Nice way to start the week.

Candidate Profile - Isabella County Commissioner

BOB LEE, County Commission, District #3
Bob is seeking to return District #3 to Democratic hands. District #3 includes Fremont, Lincoln, Coe and precinct #1 of Chippewa townships. Bob is a faculty member at CMU teaching Nutrition and Public Health, and has been a resident for 15 years. He is married to Sandra Fluharty, a lifelong member of this county. Bob is a strong supporter of meeting the needs of his constituents. He believes that we need better roads and that working with the Road Commission in a non-confrontational manner is the best way to assure good roads in District #3. He supports the Senior Millage Proposal, and believes that government should be focusing on the needs of people and not special interests. Posted by Picasa

Candidate Profile - Isabella County Commissioner

MARY BARKER, County Commission, District #4
Mary is running to replace the current Republican commissioner for district #4 (Union and Precinct # 2 of Chippewa Townships). Mary is a long time Democratic Party activist. She is currently the Library Media Specialist for the Saginaw Chippewa Academy. Mary would bring to the commission her deep commitment to people. She has been a strong supporter of services for both our children and seniors (She fully supports the Senior Millage Proposal), and believes that government works best when there is cooperation and compromise and not confrontation. Mary also believes that the public need. and not the needs of special interests should dictate public policy. She will bring new energy and new ideas to the county commission. Learn more about Mary by visiting her website at Posted by Picasa

Candidate Profile - Isabella County Commissioner

JOHN HAUPT, County Commission, District #2
John has represented District #2 (Coldwater, Sherman, Broomfield, Rolland and Deerfield). He came to office pledging to assure accountability in local government, and he has led in the battles to require units of county government to justify expenditures and be as transparent as possible in all their activities. John is a lifelong resident of District #2. He owns a 500 acre farm and is a bus driver for the Beal City Public Schools. He has a no nonsense, common sense approach that is based on meeting the needs of his constituents that has served this community well. He and his bride of 43 years have 5 children 11 grandchildren and 1 great-grandchild. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, October 29, 2006

ICDP-TV Presents Meet the Candidates-Interview of Mike Huckleberry- Congressional Candidate

Mike Huckleberry - Congressional Candidate - is interviewed by John Dinse for ICDP-TV's Meet the Candidates

Candidate Profile
MIKE HUCKLEBERRY, U.S. House of Representatives
District # 4 is the second largest district east of the Mississippi, and was created to assure the incumbent a safe Republican seat. But then came Huck. Last year, in his first attempt at elected office he gave Dave Camp a real run for the money. This year with Republicans in disarray, and a nation crying for new, honest, and caring leadership, Mike is poised to take this election. Mike is a small business owner from Greenville, who just got angry over the incredible amount of outsourcing that was occurring and the need for new jobs, and decided to try to change things. He believes that we need a national health care system that is available to all because it is morally unacceptable for Americans to have to forgo health care because they can't afford it. He also believes that a national health care system would reduce the costs of labor and allow American business the chance to compete more effectively in a world market and that means more jobs here in District #4 For more information on Mike visit his website at

ICDP-TV Presents Meet the Candidates - Interview of Nancy White

Nancy White - Democratic Candidate for Michigan State Senate District 33 is interviewed by Host John Dinse for ICDP-TV's Meet the Candidates show. Senate District 33 includes Clinton, Ionia, Isabella and Montcalm Counties.

Candidate Profile
NANCY WHITE, State Senate
Nancy is making her first run for political office, but she brings two things to this campaign that make her a candidate that should be a source of real concern for her opponent. First, she is bright, knowledgeable, and deeply committed to Democratic values. Nancy is both an attorney and a professor in the College of Business at CMU. She knows the law and she knows what it takes to make business a partner with government, and not a special interest leeching off of the State. She is dedicated to creating affordable higher education and establishing a tax system that is fair to all. And Nancy is a “workhorse candidate.” She has been tirelessly visiting constituents in this campaign and will be the kind of state representative that puts in long hours addressing the needs of the people of this district and the state. She will not be spending time on political grandstanding and game playing. Visit Nancy's website at


Jennifer Granholm is more than just a good governor. She is an exceptional governor. For the future of this state, it is essential to re-elect her.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Granholm visit with Mt Pleasant women

Governor Granholm visited with several Democratic women at the Java Run in Mt. Pleasant this past week. CM Life ran a nice article about her visit and included a terrific short video on their site. You can check it out here

Amway, DeVos, Honestly?

Republican Businessman #1 : Did you know the DeVos family made billions on Amway?
Republican Businessman #2 : Honestly?
Republican Businessman #1 : Well, ....... not really?

Just how did the DeVos and VanAndel family manage to turn a formerly illegal business concept into a family fortune?

They used to be called Ponzi schemes or pyramid schemes and they were based on fooling enough people long enough into believing they could get something for nothing or at least very little effort. And then came Amway. All perfectly legal. All within the law. Or was it?

Here is another look at the DeVos and VanAndel families that may give any voter real pause in even considering entrusting the future of Michigan to the former head of Amway.

Is Amway and it's whole concept based on a pack of lies? Check this out:

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

ICDP-TV - Meet the Candidates- Isabella County Commissioners

Host John Dinse interviews Democratic Party candidates for Isabella County Commissioner, John Haupt, Bob Lee and Mary Barker on ICDP-TV's Meet the Candidates program.

Who would Google Bomb?

Good Question.

This is a post to help "google bomb" the midterms. This is part of a coordinated effort of netroots activists. Each link is designed to bring up articles when the name of a candidate is searched on Google. This is also part of a Google ad buy. Go to to learn more.

--AZ-Sen: Jon Kyl

--AZ-01: Rick Renzi

--AZ-05: J.D. Hayworth

--CA-04: John Doolittle

--CA-11: Richard Pombo

--CA-50: Brian Bilbray

--CO-04: Marilyn Musgrave

--CO-05: Doug Lamborn

--CO-07: Rick O'Donnell

--CT-04: Christopher Shays

--FL-13: Vernon Buchanan

--FL-16: Joe Negron

--FL-22: Clay Shaw

--ID-01: Bill Sali

--IL-06: Peter Roskam

--IL-10: Mark Kirk

--IL-14: Dennis Hastert

--IN-02: Chris Chocola

--IN-08: John Hostettler

--IA-01: Mike Whalen

--KS-02: Jim Ryun

--KY-03: Anne Northup

--KY-04: Geoff Davis

--MD-Sen: Michael Steele

--MN-01: Gil Gutknecht

--MN-06: Michele Bachmann

--MO-Sen: Jim Talent

--MT-Sen: Conrad Burns

--NV-03: Jon Porter

--NH-02: Charlie Bass

--NJ-07: Mike Ferguson

--NM-01: Heather Wilson

--NY-03: Peter King

--NY-20: John Sweeney

--NY-26: Tom Reynolds

--NY-29: Randy Kuhl

--NC-08: Robin Hayes

--NC-11: Charles Taylor

--OH-01: Steve Chabot

--OH-02: Jean Schmidt

--OH-15: Deborah Pryce

--OH-18: Joy Padgett

--PA-04: Melissa Hart

--PA-07: Curt Weldon

--PA-08: Mike Fitzpatrick

--PA-10: Don Sherwood

--RI-Sen: Lincoln Chafee

--TN-Sen: Bob Corker

--VA-Sen: George Allen

--VA-10: Frank Wolf

--WA-Sen: Mike McGavick

--WA-08: Dave Reichert

Thanks for your support.

Former SagChip Lobbyist Aiding Local Republicans on TV Effort

Area Republicans desperate to play catch up with the Isabella County Democratic Party are turning to Chris Petras, the fired Saginaw Chippewa Tribe's legislative director associated with the Republican Party corruption scandals.

When word got out that the Isabella County Democratic Party had turned to public access TV to get their messages out, local Republicans needed an expert to assist them. Yes, that is the same Dr. Petras whose memory escaped him at Congressional hearings about the sums of money funneled to Jack Abramhoff and his associate Mike Scanlon.

Petras, a former CMU instructor, had required students at one of his classes to produce a television program in cooperation with the Mid-Michigan Area Cable Consortium as one of their assignments.

If you want to check out just how Petras amused Congressional investigators, this is one good site to go to.

Now we can hardly wait to see what Chris Petras does to local public acccess TV.

ICDP's October Surprise Has Republican's Scrambling to Catch Up

ICDP-TV is on the air again. Subscribers to Charter cable TV can see our productions on Channel 3 in Gratiot, Isabella and Clare Counties. Today, Tuesday, Oct. 24, our ICDP-TV production of Meet the Candidates with host John Dinse interviewing Congressional candidate Mike Huckleberry airs at 9:20 p.m. Our second program, an interview with State Senate Candidate Nancy White airs at 10 p.m. and our program with three county commissioner hopefuls airs at 10:30 p.m. Repeat airings will continue on Thursday, Friday and Saturday this week. For the complete schedule go to

Area Republicans have reacted exactly as one might have predicted when they discovered that the Isabella County Democratic Party's TV crews had produced a series of television shows featuring Democratic Party candidates. They first got frantic and insisted it was unfair that we are on local public access channels.

Then when they heard that anyone can produce and air TV shows on public access TV, they got busy playing catch-up. Just when their programs will be ready for airing is not clear since they are still in production. We can't wait to see how they will react to our next surprise.

We now have 6 members of our county party trained to produce, film and edit productions for public access TV and since the first of the year we have aired more than 65 hours of progamming including appearances here locally of Gov. Granholm and Michigan's next Attorney General, Amos Williams. Three more local party members are now in training.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

DeVos Robo-Calls Energizing Democratic Base

The desperate DeVos strategists in our state obviously have more cents than sense.

After getting creamed in all 3 rounds of Michigan's gubernatorial debates, the Amway billionaire heir actually believes that just spending enough money to call every registered voter in the state will win him the election. But the recorded message robo-calls look like they may have an unintended consequence.

Local Democrats are becoming so angry they are signing up as last minute volunteers in the last two weeks of the campaign to make sure Gov. Jennifer Granholm gets re-elected.

What is making them so angry?

Last month we told you about the race-baiting DeVos phone calls to Asian Americans. Or at least the phone calls that were aimed at Asian Americans.

This week our local Democrats and presumably others are getting this phone call:
"Another broken promise by Jennifer Granholm.
She promised smaller class sizes. Instead she cut funding
for public education. Class sizes are now BIGGER under Jennifer Granholm.

But breaking a promise isn't all.
Jennifer Granholm opposes Proposal 5 and solutions that could
move one million dollars to the classroom.

When you look at the record and beyond the hype, Jennifer Granholm
is no friend of our local public schools.

This message has been brought to you by Michigan Working Families."

Of course, it is all a lie. There is no such group as Michigan Working Families and the level of K-12 funding per pupil under Gov. Granholom has actually increased to more than $7,000 despite having to overcome a $4 billion deficit left by Gov. Engler four years ago.

A half dozen people have called the office this week that we have never had on our party lists before. They were angry about the robo-calls. They want to know what they can do to help. We will have them busy this weekend joining the rest of our usual crews. We also had a number of other calls but they weren't angry enough yet to volunteer. Maybe the DeVos campaign will help us out with some more robo-calls to push more volunteers our way. But they can't be that stupid, can they?

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

She Wanted a Granholm Sign Because...

She knew there were plenty of Granholm yard signs around Mount Pleasant. She had seen them. When she called the Isabella County Democratic Party office she wondered if there might be a Granholm sign sitting in our office she could get.

She was not on a high traffic street, but she insisted she REALLY needed a Granholm yard sign. We explained we didn't have that many signs left and we still had some high traffic areas to get to. "Just one sign. Just one little sign is all I need," she pleaded. "We'll see what we can do," we replied.

She had worked in the campaign office many years ago, but was handicapped now and wondered if someone could put it in place for her too.

Later, things slowed down in the office and we drove over to the little side street of modest little bungalows, looked for the street number and there was just one other campaign sign on the entire street and it was right next to the home we were about to place the Granholm sign.

Her neighbors had a Dick DeVos sign in the house next to hers. That's why she had to have a Granholm sign on her little back street.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Last Two Minutes Wins Governor Re-Election

Tricky Dick did his best to avoid answering questions tonight in the third and final debate between Gov. Jennifer Granholm and the Republican Amway heir, Richard DeVos.

But in the last two minutes of the show, where Granholm finally showed off her Democratic credentials -- she stands with the people, not the rich -- she's pro-choice and he's not -- she's for stem cell research and health care for all -- and he's not -- Granholm just won re-election.

Of course, she won the first two debates. She's a Harvard product, his daddy bought him a college. Even Bill Ballenger thought he lost the first debate. Dick did a tad better in the second debate, but she still did better.

But the last two minutes of last night's debate will go down in history as one of the best crafted two minute speeches ever and the delivery was superb. It pushed all the buttons for rank and file Dems, but also reminded the 40% of Republican women who are pro-choice that Republican Dick is way way out there. She reached out to the people and scored.

Can't wait to see next week's poll numbers. Better get into the office early tomorrow. There will be another run on Granholm yard signs.

Friday, October 13, 2006


(this was a comment in a thread, I think it helps explain the big point about DeVos)

You can't trust DeVos...on anything.

He's a scheister salesman. Trust me, I know 'em. I come from a long line of 'em.

He doesn't answer questions in a straight way.

I mean, who represents an honest man, how about John Wayne? Would he answer a question like DeVos did when hit with Alterra issue?


If it was a lie, and DeVos was clean, at least in his own mind, he could have stopped all the hullabaloo by saying:

"You know, pilgrim, she's wrong, I was told a., I disclosed it at b., and we took care of the problem by implementing c."

But, you know what, he can't. So he didn't. He just kept on blathering on, trying to explain away the issue. That is what proved his guilt.

The point isn't that he would ban abortion, the point is can we really count on him to sign the bill to ban abortion? Or is he just telling Catholic radio want they want to hear?

I mean, he can't have it both ways, either he's lying to us, or he's lying to them? Which is better?

(Of course I think he would sign a bill banning abortion)

Here is the original thread.

Monday, October 09, 2006

What Did Dave Camp Know? When Did He Know It?

As if we don't know enough about the failure of the Republican Congress, we now have the question of the Foley Follies and the failure of Republican Congressional leadership. So what did our local Congressman know and when did he know that Congressman Mark Foley was sexually harassing teenage pages?

Well, Rubber Stamp Camp who votes in lock step with our incompetent President was close enough to the disgraced now-former Congressman that as recently as May 12, 2006 Camp's leadership PAC donated $1,000 to the Foley campaign.

But we now hear from former Congressional staffers that Foley's proclivities were well known in Washington for more than a year. Perhaps, our local Congressman who has now served in his post for almost 16 years is out of the loop. Just a poor schlub who really doesn't know what is going on, do you suppose?

But wait a minute. Isn't our local Congressman part of the Republican Congressional leadership who could or should have known about Foley? Hmmm? Camp claims to be the "deputy majority whip" according to his website.

Do you suppose any of the newspapers in the Fourth Congressional District will actually ask our Congressman what he knew and when he knew it? Don't hold your breath. The local rag is too busy publishing press release photos of our Congressman visiting senior citizen centers.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

The Taxes Two Step (or the SBT Breakdown)...

The lovely wizard kitten gives us a dance lesson over at MichiganLiberal.

How to Dance Like Dick: Today's lesson- the SBT Shuffle (+)

by: wizardkitten

Sun Oct 08, 2006 at 20:36:38 PM EDT

(for dj, who sounds bored...)

Pay attention. This one gets tricky in spots, and incorporates many different moves taken from all forms of traditional Republican dance. For your convenience, the moves to the SBT Shuffle are recorded here, starting at 35:38 on the tape.

Are you properly warmed up? Good. Let's begin.

Cue the band. A-one, a-two, a-three...

Question: Mr. DeVos, how much do you favor replacing, once we do away with the SBT, and if it is a billion dollars short of what we are currently taking in, where do you propose we make a billion dollars worth of cuts?

Simplified; how much replaced, where do we cut.

Now watch as Dick does the SBT Shuffle, complete with notes to help you learn the steps.

DeVos: Well, Charlie... um... I think... uh... the Governor once again is... uh... it's just... it's just, it's just so disappointing to hear continued references to what happened four years ago... and when violent crime is up 12% as you point out just last year...

Start your dance with words that have nothing to do with the question before you. Step to the side, and then step to the side again, totally changing direction as you go.

Let us know what you can add...

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Extremist Craig DeRoche will be grand marshal of CMU Homecoming

(cross-posted at Michigan Liberal)

From the CMU Newsroom:

The Central Michigan University campus will be filled with school spirit as Homecoming is celebrated Oct. 13 and 14, and a politically prominent alumnus will preside over the festivities.
“Politically prominent alumnus?” Whom could that be?

Serving as grand marshal of CMU's 2006 Homecoming celebration will be Craig DeRoche, Michigan's Speaker of the House. DeRoche, a 1991 CMU graduate, was elected to the Michigan House of Representatives in 2002. When he was re-elected in 2004, his colleagues selected him to serve as Speaker of the House.

DeRoche says he is looking forward to being back on campus and serving as grand marshal.

"This is one of the neatest things that has been offered to me," he said. "It's a chance for me to come home. I hope to build as much support among alumni as possible and encourage record attendance. We hope to see a lot of friendly faces." (emphasis added)

This wouldn’t be all that bad... except that this is an ELECTION YEAR, and (as far as I know) they're not bringing in a Dem to balance things!

Oh, and not to mention DeRoche’s disdain for working people, especially disabled people and college students. Here’s what DeRoche had to say about disabled people making the minimum wage:

It might be a physical or a mental disability that they have, it might be a capacity that, that inhibits them from the productivity where they would be employed at a higher wage and we concern, we have concerns about the effects of sending those people home and, and make them not employable because the wages are set by the government are too high for them to find a job."

Hmmmmmmm. Extremist Republican as grand marshal 24 days before the election. One of the higher-ups at CMU can expect to hear from me soon.

Oh well. At least Dick DeVos probably won't come to CMU and curse the football team like he did at MSU.

You can't trust DeVos...

(cross posted at michiganliberal)

You can't trust DeVos to be straight with the public.

That is the message that we need to take to the people. Then we can let all these bullet points make our case for us. We can't just start throwing out accusations, we need to have the accusations fit into a narrative.

You can't trust DeVos to be straight with the public.

-He won't tell us his business plan
-He evades questions with non-answers in the debate
-He left the Alterra investment off his disclosure
-He distorts the Granholm record for his benefit
-He ran and was the billion dollar beneficiary of a slimy, scheister business that skirted the edge of the law

Obviously, you can't trust DeVos to be straight with the public.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Granholm Takes Round One of the Debates

Dick DeVos could have afforded the best debate coaching in America. But he may have just wasted his money.

Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm proved Monday night that the Amway heir is no match for a smart Harvard educated attorney. DeVos spent so much time blaming the Governor for everything but the weather, that he missed or, perhaps, avoided mentioning what he would do if he were elected.

DeVos was heavy on criticism, but light on details. Granholm, in contrast went into as much detail as time would allow about her jobs plan that doesn't lend itself to sound bites. Granholm also fielded tough questions better then DeVos who seemed evasive about such things as a replacement for the SBT, his investments and his tax returns.

The champion of the rich against the protector of the little guy is how it played out and Granholm had a great story to tell and challenged DeVos lies outright. If this was a boxing match, it was clear Granholm knew how to jab and keep command of the fight. When DeVos took a swing at her, she deflected it and threw another harder punch back.

In this 3-round skirmish, Granholm didn't score a knockout, but when DeVos wakes up in the morning those bruises will look nasty.