Monday, October 02, 2006

Granholm Takes Round One of the Debates

Dick DeVos could have afforded the best debate coaching in America. But he may have just wasted his money.

Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm proved Monday night that the Amway heir is no match for a smart Harvard educated attorney. DeVos spent so much time blaming the Governor for everything but the weather, that he missed or, perhaps, avoided mentioning what he would do if he were elected.

DeVos was heavy on criticism, but light on details. Granholm, in contrast went into as much detail as time would allow about her jobs plan that doesn't lend itself to sound bites. Granholm also fielded tough questions better then DeVos who seemed evasive about such things as a replacement for the SBT, his investments and his tax returns.

The champion of the rich against the protector of the little guy is how it played out and Granholm had a great story to tell and challenged DeVos lies outright. If this was a boxing match, it was clear Granholm knew how to jab and keep command of the fight. When DeVos took a swing at her, she deflected it and threw another harder punch back.

In this 3-round skirmish, Granholm didn't score a knockout, but when DeVos wakes up in the morning those bruises will look nasty.


Blogger Bob said...

You can't trust DeVos to be straight with the public.

4:26 PM  

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