Monday, October 30, 2006

CM-Life: Choose Granholm

CMU's student paper, Central Michigan Life, gets it right:

It’s easy to point a finger at our current leader, Gov. Jennifer Granholm.

But the reality is it’s not Granholm’s fault.

Michigan’s dependence on the dwindling automotive industry has crippled the state’s economy.

Plants have shut down; thousands have lost work.

In response, Granholm has created a Jobs Fund initiative which will pour more than $2 billion into new sectors including alternative energy and the life sciences.

Granholm also inherited a state with a $4 billion deficit and has had to work during her first term to pull ahead.

Starting over is not what our state needs. Voters will be investing in the future of Michigan by voting to re-elect Granholm.

What about education and health care?

Under Granholm, K-12 education funding is at an all-time high of $7,085 per student. The governor also has proposed a New Merit Award scholarship, giving each Michigan high school student $4,000 for higher education.

Granholm is investing in the state’s future by keeping education a priority.

Granholm also has a plan to make health care available to all of Michigan’s residents.

The governor’s Michigan First Health Care Plan would make private health care available to more than 500,000 uninsured Michiganders.

And as for the other guy?

DeVos simply is a former CEO who had the means to run for governor.

According to campaign finance reports filed Friday, and as reported in The Detroit News on Saturday, DeVos has spent $34.6 million of his own money during his campaign.

A large checkbook cannot buy the governor’s office.

While DeVos’ success and exorbitant bank account may be a flashy beacon for frustrated Michiganders, the fact remains this family businessman is not equipped to lead our state.

They conclude by praisinbg the incumbent, and offering important advice to her:

Granholm already has the tools necessary to lead Michigan; not only does she have a mastery of the law, she’s familiar with the territory.


She must actively work to create an environment in Michigan that fosters growth.


If Granholm is to take Michigan out of its slump, she needs to pull out all the stops. She needs to foster a strong working environment with Republicans and Democrats alike.

Pulling the governor from office now, halfway between a $4 billion deficit and a struggling economy, will only create more problems by setting someone new on that tough road — someone who hasn’t already walked it.

This isn’t the time to bring in someone new.

Vote Granholm.

Nice way to start the week.


Blogger Sutpen said...

Great post, Scott. The CMU paper is right on: Granholm cannot be held liable for decisions made in private boardrooms and by those who preceeded her in office. That said, in areas she has been able to effect, she has made great progress, as evidenced by the successes in healthcare and education, and she is making great strides in her fight to turn the economy around. We need her to stay in office and continue to put Michigan back on track, so be sure to get to the polls next week, and encourage others to do the same. This shouldn't be a close race, but it looks like it will be, so every vote truly matters.

8:50 AM  
Blogger Bob said...

I can't believe CMLife endorsed the democrat. Everything I hear out of there is Republican.

4:27 PM  

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