Saturday, October 28, 2006

Amway, DeVos, Honestly?

Republican Businessman #1 : Did you know the DeVos family made billions on Amway?
Republican Businessman #2 : Honestly?
Republican Businessman #1 : Well, ....... not really?

Just how did the DeVos and VanAndel family manage to turn a formerly illegal business concept into a family fortune?

They used to be called Ponzi schemes or pyramid schemes and they were based on fooling enough people long enough into believing they could get something for nothing or at least very little effort. And then came Amway. All perfectly legal. All within the law. Or was it?

Here is another look at the DeVos and VanAndel families that may give any voter real pause in even considering entrusting the future of Michigan to the former head of Amway.

Is Amway and it's whole concept based on a pack of lies? Check this out:


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