Sunday, October 29, 2006

ICDP-TV Presents Meet the Candidates-Interview of Mike Huckleberry- Congressional Candidate

Mike Huckleberry - Congressional Candidate - is interviewed by John Dinse for ICDP-TV's Meet the Candidates

Candidate Profile
MIKE HUCKLEBERRY, U.S. House of Representatives
District # 4 is the second largest district east of the Mississippi, and was created to assure the incumbent a safe Republican seat. But then came Huck. Last year, in his first attempt at elected office he gave Dave Camp a real run for the money. This year with Republicans in disarray, and a nation crying for new, honest, and caring leadership, Mike is poised to take this election. Mike is a small business owner from Greenville, who just got angry over the incredible amount of outsourcing that was occurring and the need for new jobs, and decided to try to change things. He believes that we need a national health care system that is available to all because it is morally unacceptable for Americans to have to forgo health care because they can't afford it. He also believes that a national health care system would reduce the costs of labor and allow American business the chance to compete more effectively in a world market and that means more jobs here in District #4 For more information on Mike visit his website at


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