Wednesday, October 18, 2006

DeVos Robo-Calls Energizing Democratic Base

The desperate DeVos strategists in our state obviously have more cents than sense.

After getting creamed in all 3 rounds of Michigan's gubernatorial debates, the Amway billionaire heir actually believes that just spending enough money to call every registered voter in the state will win him the election. But the recorded message robo-calls look like they may have an unintended consequence.

Local Democrats are becoming so angry they are signing up as last minute volunteers in the last two weeks of the campaign to make sure Gov. Jennifer Granholm gets re-elected.

What is making them so angry?

Last month we told you about the race-baiting DeVos phone calls to Asian Americans. Or at least the phone calls that were aimed at Asian Americans.

This week our local Democrats and presumably others are getting this phone call:
"Another broken promise by Jennifer Granholm.
She promised smaller class sizes. Instead she cut funding
for public education. Class sizes are now BIGGER under Jennifer Granholm.

But breaking a promise isn't all.
Jennifer Granholm opposes Proposal 5 and solutions that could
move one million dollars to the classroom.

When you look at the record and beyond the hype, Jennifer Granholm
is no friend of our local public schools.

This message has been brought to you by Michigan Working Families."

Of course, it is all a lie. There is no such group as Michigan Working Families and the level of K-12 funding per pupil under Gov. Granholom has actually increased to more than $7,000 despite having to overcome a $4 billion deficit left by Gov. Engler four years ago.

A half dozen people have called the office this week that we have never had on our party lists before. They were angry about the robo-calls. They want to know what they can do to help. We will have them busy this weekend joining the rest of our usual crews. We also had a number of other calls but they weren't angry enough yet to volunteer. Maybe the DeVos campaign will help us out with some more robo-calls to push more volunteers our way. But they can't be that stupid, can they?


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Good to hear the robocalls are having a positive impact!

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