Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Get Out the Vote!

McCain pulling out of Michigan is old news, by now. There isn't anyone who hasn't heard, who doesn't know.

And it is for precisely that reason that the democratic campaign in Michigan has transformed from Obama vs. McCain to Obama vs. Voter Apathy.

What this means, friends, is that you need to get out and vote. There are 22 days remaining until Election Day, and even if we are leading by a massive margin at that time, it'll mean absolutely nothing if we don't vote. Voter apathy is very real, and a strong lead only makes it worse. If voters, especially first-time ones, see an inevitable win by the leads in the polls, they are less likely to get up and vote because they figure we've got it in the bag.

Now, more than ever, we need everyone we can get canvassing and calling and campaigning. You can sign up to canvass and call at the Obama Campaign for Change Office. Just putting up a yard sign is not enough.

Make sure everyone you know gets to the polls on Election Day, and have them make sure everyone they know gets to the polls, and so on and so forth. We need every vote we can get!

Get Out and VOTE for Change in November!


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