Saturday, October 04, 2008

Obama Rally 10/2/08

On Thursday I had the privilege and honor of seeing Sen. Barack Obama speak live at Michigan State University. Some almost 20,000 supporters and otherwise came to the rally, completely filling Adams Field and spilling out onto the street, blocking traffic. My high school, Sacred Heart Academy of Mt. Pleasant, sent along some 60 students, filling two buses - for those of you who aren't acquainted with SHA, that is nearly half of the high school.

We were lucky to be near the "front" - that is to say, 50-60 rows of people back, and barely able to see the Senator. However, see him we could, and hear him we did.

One of the first topics he touched on was voter registration, reminding us that only a few days are left until registration closes. He stressed the importance of registering friends and family and acquaintances and encouraging them to the polls come November.

He also talked a lot about the economy, especially as related to the college student and the prospective college student. He pointed out that college is expensive as is, and if the economy gets worse, higher education will become even less affordable. He discussed the absolute importance of our political and social freedoms as outlined in the Bill of Rights, as well as the American dream, and keeping that dream alive and achievable for every one of us.

The speech gave me chills and inspired me, and it was an experience I wish I could share fully with each and every one of you.

Read the official article here.


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