Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Intelligence and the Presidency - Rushdie and Obama

On Monday night in Mount Pleasant we were treated to a delightful intelligent presence in author Salmon Rushdie who among other things hoped Americans would chose this time an intelligent President.

On Tuesday night we saw the difference between a Harvard-educated attorney who was the first black man to become the editor of the Harvard Law Review and a spoiled petulant Navy brat who finished near the bottom of his Naval Academy class.

On the one hand we have an old Navy brat who crashed several planes and despite "collaborating" with the enemy while imprisoned is still considered by some a "hero."

On the other hand we have a thoughtful, skilled and yes, intelligent. man speak gently and clearly about where he would lead the country.

The make believe maverick referred to his opponent as " the other one." The intelligent one disagreed without being disagreeable.

Intelligence won the debate. And with all of our help, he will be President Obama soon.

Sir Rushdie, America IS better than Europeans now think we are. We will prove it on election day 2008.


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