Thursday, October 02, 2008

It's Official: McCain is Abandoning Michigan

I had just came back from hearing Michelle Obama speak in Saginaw and was browsing the web.  A blogger on reported that anonymous Republican officials were quoted as saying that McCain would be pulling his campaign out of Michigan.  However the NYTimes has just published a more reputable story, citing statements by the McCain Campaign itself.  McCain is giving up his attempts to win over Michigan voters.  He is withdrawing his campaign staff and campaign dollars from Michigan.  

Ironically, Senator McCain gives on his own website, the following "quote of the week":
"We will disagree from time to time on a specific issue, but I promise you this:  I will never let you down and I will always, always put my country first."

Apparently Senator McCain has decided that he's going to disagree with Michigan voters on enough issues that he's not going to spend any more time in Michigan.  And if he's willing to turn his back on Michigan voters BEFORE he's elected, what does that tell us about how a potential McCain-Palin Administration would treat Michigan residents?

And just now, Steve Schmidt, the Chief Operating Officer of McCain's Presidential campaign, when asked by a reporter to comment on the campaign's decision to pull out of Michigan TURNED HIS BACK on the reporters and walked away, without responding.

And that tells us what the entire McCain organization thinks of Michigan.  Thanks for the Straight Talk, Senator!


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