Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Even the Conservatives Are Wondering....

The articles are popping up more and more frequently. Right-wing columnists are questioning the Republican Party's VP choice, and the faction calling for Governor Sarah Palin to step down from her VP candidacy is growing larger every public appearance.

This issue really tears me: my optimistic side says that she should stay on, because it will make a Democratic win that much easier, but my pessimistic side wants very badly for her to step down - in the event of a Republican win, I do not want her second in line for the presidency.

However, one must also ask - is a month and change enough time for Palin to step down, and for McCain to choose and campaign a new running mate? We are too close to the election for Palin to step down now, which is both great news and potentially terrible news.

Read more about right-wing opposition to Sarah Palin here.


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