Saturday, October 04, 2008

McCain Abandoned Michigan and Forgot to Tell Palin About It

In this morning's edition of the Chicago Tribune, there is a startling revelation.  Sarah Palin was not told by McCain that their campaign abandoned Michigan.  She read about it in Friday's newspaper!

Of course she didn't mention by name which newspaper she read it in - and we all saw the interview last month in which Palin couldn't specifically name any ONE newspaper that she read.

However alarming the apparent disconnect between the Republican Presidential nominee and the Republican Vice Presidential nominee is, more disturbing is the fact that it took Sarah Palin a whole half day to discover the fact that McCain was pulling out of Michigan in the first place.  By Thursday afternoon CNN and Fox News were both running stories on the planned pull-out.  Surely even if the lines of communication between McCain and Palin are broken SOMEONE on Palin's entourage is tasked with monitoring the major tv national news networks.

The reality is that now we have a Golden Opportunity to reach out to fair-minded and moderate Republicans.  McCain has turned his back on over 10 million voters by abandoning Michigan.  McCain has given us Straight Talk that he believes that there is nothing for him to gain in Michigan.  Let's reach out to our neighbors and friends and show them that there is someone in this race that really cares about us.

And lest they believe the rhetoric by Palin that she wants to visit Michigan and try and woo us, let us not forget the fact that there are parts of Alaska, the state that she is the governor of, that she hasn't even been to.

So before the voters of Michigan welcome Sarah Palin with open arms, maybe she should return to her home state and visit the parts of Alaska that she's never been to before.  Just a thought.


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