Friday, March 07, 2008

Isabella County Dems Vote for Do-Over

At their regular monthly meeting on Thursday, members of the Isabella County Democratic Party voted in favor of a resolution asking state and national party leaders to hold either a caucus or primary to select Michigan's delegation to the national party convention in August in order to restore party unity.

After a lively discussion at the Isabella County Office Building, the resolution approved by a majority voice vote of those local party members in attendance at the March meeting read in its entirety:

In the interests of fairness and of not changing the rules of the game during the process of selecting the Democratic Presidential nominee,


In support of party unity that will be indispensable for waging the November 2008 Presidential election campaign,

The Isabella County Democratic Party hereby resolves that national and state Democratic Party leaders should work together to devise and implement either caucuses or a primary for the purpose of selecting Michigan's delegates to the 2008 national convention.

The vote on the resolution came after a prolonged discussion of the dilemma the Michigan Democratic Party finds itself in after a confusing January 15 state primary that now has national party leaders refusing to seat a disputed Michigan delegation in August.

Isabella County Dems will be hosting the Fourth Congressional District Convention on March 29 and local party members wondered whether the effort later in the month would still be going ahead and have any meaning at all. The district conventions are part of the process to select which individual party members will actually get to attend the convention in Denver.

"Is this going to a supercilious exercise?" County Commissioner Chairman David Ling wondered about the March 29 event. Ling, the county's highest local elected Democratic official, got his answer from others in the room when it was clear that noone really knew as the drama about Michigan and Florida continues to unfold.

The ICDP meets on the first Thursday of the month at 7 p.m. in Room 225 at the Isabella County Office Building in downtown Mount Pleasant.


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