Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The White House is the “White House” For a Reason

Ever since our government started the white house it has been “White.” Does this eliminate officers of color, or ideas of color? Challenge yourself to see this next election. The White House has always been run by white men. Some historically strong leaders and diplomatic fighters who fought for the common good. It did not matter if they were either Republicans or Democrats. But never have we had so much color in an election, than what we see today.

It’s been a long time since our candidates have dumped millions into a campaign that in the long run will educate and motivate voters, unify all Americans, and challenge the ideals of racism and shovinism. But Americans need to understand that the mainstream media does not care about all that. They don't care about a change or supporting ideas that can help America. All they care about is controversy and viewer ship. You know the "Ballot Bowl" mentality.

But, the Obama Campaign has done their best to avoid the issue of race. Because of ruthless media control over this election, we find Obama addressing the issue like he did today in Philadelphia, I am sure against his own will.

Should that be what his possible nomination pivots on? Should we let the ignorant conservative radio talk shows blast this issue out on our airways? Blasting Obama about his relationship with his church pastor? The answer is no. But I need not explain the reasons why. All you had to do was listen to his speech today and how he handled it. It could not have been explained so eloquently.

The question is, are Americans going to try new colors or not? Being part of America (one of the most wonderful democracies in the world) it is possible to make a color change. But let's make that choice to change the White House without the question of the racial divide. Let's focus on the issues of slain service men and women trapped in an immoral war. The need for health care systems that reach out to everyone in need. The need to repair the degradation of our constitution that this current administration has brought us. Lets not let the White House just be a symbol of nepotism, patriarchy, and white power. The White House is the "White House" for a reason. But today that reason is in question. Finally it is. We need to embrace this opportunity to unify Americans of all colors. And yes, something is in the air! That is the element of change. A color change that is!

Andrew Thibodeau
Political Advisor for the ICDP


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