Thursday, February 14, 2008

Superdelegates Could Decide Who Will Be the Democratic Candidate

That strange duck, a “superdelegate,” could be the deciding factor in whether Clinton or Obama will be the Democratic candidate. Who can be a superdelegate? Current or former elected officeholders and party officers. They are not selected through primaries or caucuses.

What makes them “super” is that they are automatically seated at the convention and are officially uncommitted. They are, in fact, the product of the reformation of the candidate selection process that occurred a couple of decades ago when the party was forced to give more “power to the people.” Superdelegates represent the party establishment and control up to 40 percent of the vote. I’ll write that again: 40 percent of the vote. has taken up the challenge to the prerogatives of the superdelegates by circulating a petition that will be printed in USA Today. Both the Obama and Clinton camps are pressuring the superdelegates for their support. The petition will demand that the superdelegates adhere to the will of the voters in their respective states. The next president of the United States will probably be a Democrat. Sign the petition and demand that the candidate is the one selected by Democrats in state primaries and caucuses and not just the party establishment.

You can sign the petition here


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