Thursday, February 14, 2008

Hillary Would Lose a Real Michigan Contest - January Vote Does Not Represent Us

At this point conducting a Michigan caucus or do-over of the January fiasco is probably meaningless and perhaps impractical. But there is no way the result in January reflects the true wishes of Michigan Democrats.

Yes, for the first time in my life I crossed over and voted in the Republican primary just like thousands of other Democrats did because I believed the Democratic National Party that the January primary was meaningless because no delegates would be seated.

As a former Kucinich supporter turned Edwards supporter, it didn't matter to me anyway, but I would not have voted for a non-progressive Democrat, male or female and it irked me quite a bit that that woman is now claiming she won a majority of our state delegates. She didn't then and couldn't now in any kind of do-over. For Clinton to lay claim to our unrepresentative delegates now that the race is close is pathetic.

If Obama and Clinton both campaigned in Michigan it is my humble opinion that Obama would have won -- plain and simple and he will win if we do have a state caucus or other re-do.

I still hang on to this crazy notion even though a majority of folks may not agree with my politics, we should still respect their feelings in an untainted and un-rigged election. The will of the people is kind of an old fashioned notion, but one I happen to cling to. The January vote did not represent the will of the people.

Of course, none of this will likely matter anyway if the Obama steam roller racks up more victories.

Michigan Democratic reformers though didn't have much to lose by moving the primary up despite the threat of disbarment from the convention. In past presidential elections Michigan Democrats didn't have any role in choosing our candidate.

So nothing has changed. Perhaps we can do better in 2012.


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