Sunday, February 17, 2008

The "Hope" Factor of the Obama Campaign

We all go through life with challenges. Whether it is a broken relationship, mourning victims of college shootings, financial set backs, a bad addiction, legal problems, academic mistakes, layoffs, and so fourth. All these are conditions that we may have to endure at some point or another in our lives. And on rainy days they can drag us down and depress us. It is at these times when we could care less about politics.

But not today! Today we can look to the exiting Democratic race where Mr. Obama can be seen running away with the election. Something we never thought possible. It gives us personal hope as individual Americans. To think that the impossible can be achieved at times in our lives where hopelessness drains us of progressive ideas. Obama gives us something interesting to chat about in the community. He has us talking as he is winning the fight.

He had to go through life with challenges too. And perhaps he is in the midst of his biggest challenge right now. Running with his own name, running as an African American, and enduring political nepotism. But, he still stands tall on the stump delivering a message of hope with confidence. And we see this and say, wow he is a good speaker. It becomes difficult for us to reject the delivery of an idealism that will change America. Because of this I believe he is winning.

We can look up to him and believe in a better life. It is possible. We can go through life with challenges too. And yes, we can win and change too! It’s the Obama "hope" factor. We have never had anything like this before. A good guy is winning! And the sun will shine again like it always does.

Andrew Thibodeau
Political Advisor for the ICDP


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