Wednesday, February 13, 2008

We Still Want Justice - Bush, Cheny and Co. Need Jail Time

Perhaps I should be euphoric -- as many other Democrats are -- now that it appears that we are headed to almost certain victory this November in the contest for the White House. But I've said it before as this year began and I say it again -- Bush and Cheney and their accomplices need to be brought to justice.

I am not normally a vindictive person, but when a President and his administration lies us into a war that has killed and maimed tens of thousands of people and robbed our national treasury while enriching their friends, I simply cannot imagine nothing will be done about it. I can't imagine that an administration that has destroyed our national honor and reputation in the world with violations of national and international law could simply walk away as if nothing has happened.

Up to this point I have not heard one question in any of the dozens of debates about the high crimes and misdemeanors of the Bush administration and what is to become of them. The MSM is not likely to bring it up. Yes, we know impeachment has been put off the table for action, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't be discussing what should happen in lieu of impeachment.

My own preference is for an international tribunal -- an impartial look at the Bushco misdeeds after the Obama or Clinton administration takes office.

Maybe someone somewhere will raise this simple question to our two remaining Presidential candidates -- What do you think should be done about the impeachable offenses of the Bush administration?


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