Friday, January 25, 2008

Billionaires Got Millions Under Bush - Here's Your $600


A $600 check will be in the mail. After the American treasury has been squandered to benefit the military-industrial complex and tax cuts for the rich have wasted another trillion, ordinary Americans must be delighted.

Poor working families with a lot of kids may get a little better break, but its hard to feel that is anything but another giveaway to bail out wealthy investors from losing their butts in the stock market.

Economic stimulus is just another admission that conservative ideas on taxes and foreign policy are bad for America, the world and those of us not in the top 2% of annual earnings.

So pardon me if I am not uber-delighted to know I may be getting a check some time in the next many months. I'll just take an extra swipe at a car payment or mortgage.

No, I will not go out and buy a bunch of foreign-made goods with American names on them, although it is difficult not to. Our trade balance is so out of whack it is ridiculous.

Let's get those idiots out of the White House before they do any more damage to America.


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