Wednesday, February 06, 2008

The Socialist Con and Snow Removal

We all know what community is. We all understand what it means to have good neighbors that lend a hand once in a while. We operate on a truth bias as honest Americans, always willing to
lend a helping hand, or as Gordon Lightfoot put it, "to pity the stranger that stands at our door."

This kind of communal behavior is best seen when a huge snow storm hits Mid Michigan. Piles of white build in seconds making forsome, life hell. But in this white blizzard after Super Tuesday politics, we see people helping one another. Shoveling snow and snow blowing. Clearing the extra path for the old lady or offering some salt to a neighbor. Its all in the good hearted community spirit when confronted with such a strong, unprepared for, snowfall.

But at the same time the Socialist Con exists according to our right wing analysts. The liberal with the dangerous ideas. The leading Republican, how he is too liberal. Rush Limbaugh (still aired on several stations throughout Michigan) Will rant and rave about how evil social
and communal idealism is. That liberals are conning you to believe in a path of lawlessness and free living, he contends. But what he still does not understand is that overall, communal living
is all part of Americana.

As my neighbor seasonally maintains his John Deere snow blower, ready at any time to gear up to clear my parents driveway expecting nothing in return, I see and witness characteristics of socialism. And from acquiring a degree in sociology, I can point out some Marxism too. All in regards to how Americans behave in a community. Its this American spirit that ceases to amaze me every time. Its a spirit I share and its the heartbeat of social politics.

The point is, in times of uncontrollable treacherous weather we come together as Americans and neighbors to help. It's our basic nature. People come together to remove snow. We all show characteristics of socialism working this way as part of a community, we are not trying to con

Andrew Thibodeau
Political Avisor for the ICDP


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