Friday, July 20, 2007

Anti-tax Nuts Looking for Dweebs in Mount Pleasant

Leon Drolet, the far right Republican from Macomb County, was in Mount Pleasant the other night trying to recruit an army of know-nothings to recall any legislators who vote for any tax increases.

But apparently the expensive room at the Holiday Inn had only a handful of dweebs who wanted to listen to Drolet teach them that any tax is a bad tax and that no government is good government. The giant pig that Drolet's anti-tax group haul's around the state was sitting outside the Holiday Inn and even despite several notices and ads in the local publications, Drolet's group isn't having much impact.

Imagine that. When even the Michigan Chamber of Commerce and most other sane Republicans concede that state and local government actually need more revenue and not more cuts, Drolet keeps pushing the dead horse he doesn't realize has passed on.

Polls now clearly show that Michiganders don't want to have schools and health care for the poor cut back and they don't want to force universities to raise tuition because of further cutbacks in state funding. But Drolet and his cronies are now threatening to organize a phalanx of avid volunteers to recall legislators who don't notice the anti-tax lunatics mean business.

This whole mentality is brought to you by one of George Bush's favorite neocons, Grover Norquist. Norquist once described his goal as the drowning of government in a bathtub by cutting off its funding. Norquist is one of the board members of Drolet's anti-tax group.

But after 12 years of John Engler's insistence that Michigan would prosper as a result of his massive tax and budget cuts, that dog doesn't hunt any more even in his home county of Isabella. Engler is smart enough not to come back this way much. He'd be laughed out of Stan's.

Drolet doesn't get it yet. The anti-tax policy doesn't work, never has and never will for ordinary folks. It just makes the rich richer and the rest of us poorer and cuts services most of us agree we don't want to cut.

For those who don't think term limits has any reason to be, I might just remind them that Drolet is no longer commuting to Lansing.


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