Friday, June 23, 2006

Your Actions Speak Louder Than Your Words, Dave

From One Campaign:
“Two weeks ago, two last-minute, bipartisan amendments providing $350 million in development assistance failed on the floor of the House of Representatives by relatively slim margins....(the) amendments... would have added life-saving funding to provide the world’s poorest people with safe drinking water (H.AMDT.979), care for whose lives have been ravaged by AIDS, and food rations for the refugees of the genocide in Darfur, Sudan (H.AMDT.980).“

Dave Camp voted against the amendments.

Time and again, his actions prove that he cares only for what Dow and his Republican masters care about, which is making the rich richer. He consistently votes against anything that will provide support for education, health care, or leads to a cleaner, healthier environment.

Camp has long been a liability to his constituents (with the exception of Dow), and he continues to demonstrate that he has become a liability to the American spirit of altruism and concern for others. With this and other recent votes, he is also showing that he has little concern for suffering and poverty in other countries that are even worse off than our poor (whose ranks he has added to during the past 6 years).

During the so-called debate over the war in Iraq, he stood on the floor of the House and spoke grand words that retold the same “errors” that his own leaders themselves have disavowed; he praised the sacrifices of our sons and daughters, but neglected to say that they are suffering and dying because of his support of the war. He has voted in support of an administration that has deliberately lied to us, invaded our privacy, held our fellow citizens captive, tortured and participated in the torture of innocent civilians, started the first preemptive war in American history, is verging on starting the nuclear arms race again, has broken faith with our allies, voided long-standing treaties, and besmirched this nation’s reputation as a beacon of hope and freedom. He has voted to plunder our country’s treasure, cut our investments in the future, and reduced us from a nation that was the financial leader in the world into a nation that is in debt, and will be for generations to come.

Was he alone in this? Of course not. But never, not once, did he question whether this was best for the country and his constituents. Not once did he waver in following the dictates of his party. Is he responsble for all of this? Yes, because he is responsible for his vote-he controls how he uses it and what he supports.

What he supports is doctrine, schemes, agendas; he does not support the lives of his constituents and the common good. It is time to get him out of Congress.

Mike Huckleberry is ready to take his place in Congress and cast his vote for the good of all his constituents and the country. Mike Huckleberry is ready to serve. Let’s make it happen.


Blogger Scott said...

So much for moral Christian values, huh?

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