Sunday, June 11, 2006

Bush okay’s foreign operations of our airlines

In case you missed it, the Bush Gang (White House, State Dept., DOD, FEMA, FAA) have all agreed to allow foreign companies to operate our airlines. This was reported by Lou Dobbs on CNN last week.

It wasn't enough to try to give away our ports, now they see no problem with turning over "operational ownership" of our airlines to foreign companies (just like the rationale that our ports were not being sold, but only operated by Dubai). This means that while foreigners will not own the airlines, they would decide what routes we will fly, what fares we'll pay, what cities will be served (or eliminated), who will fly the planes, and a myriad of other things that we passengers never think about. This could happen by next month (July)!

All of the above organizations have given their approval (although the DOD has only given it aurally-they are shy about putting it in writing after the last fiasco with the ports). The Airline Pilots and other organizations have spoken out against it, as have other groups. But that matters little to Republicans: it's money and business that talks; to hell with the workers. Bush and his cronies have made it perfectly clear that this country is up for sale.

Rep. James Oberstar, Democrat from Minnesota, is trying to delay the government's plans. Contact him at (202) 225-6211, and let him know you support his efforts. Unless Dow has concerns, Dave Camp will go along with the Bush Gang, but it never hurts to contact him and ask him to help in stopping this takeover.


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