Friday, June 16, 2006

Flag Amendment moving to the Senate-Stabenow set to limit free speech

The Flag Desecration Amendment was approved by the Senate Sub-committee yesterday and moved to the full Senate. In case you’ve missed earlier blogs, this is a Constitutional Amendment that would declare that burning the flag and other acts of desecration (whatever that means) breaks the law. It sets aside the revered First Amendment that guarantees freedom of speech, even (as the Supreme Court has stated) if society finds such speech offensive.

Debbie Stabenow has publicly stated that she plans to vote for the Amendment (as has Hillary Clinton and other Democrats). By all accounts, the Senate is one vote shy of passing this restriction of free speech.

If you agree that loss of our right of free speech is okay, then do nothing. But if you think that the best way to honor the flag is to protect free speech, contact Stabenow and urge her to vote “no.”


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