Monday, June 19, 2006

Call Dave Camp- support Voting Rights Act

From People for the American Way:

House leaders have indicated that they will bring the Voting Rights Act (VRA) reauthorization bill to a floor vote this week. Although the bill (H.R. 9) enjoys broad bipartisan support, a vocal handful of representatives are intent on making passage of a clean and effective version difficult.

H.R. 9 is co-sponsored by more than 150 Democrats and Republicans and passed the House Judiciary Committee overwhelmingly with a 33-1 vote, but harmful amendments that would weaken the landmark civil rights legislation may be offered on the House floor. That’s why your representative needs to hear from you.

Please call your representative toll-free now at 1-866-808-0065 and tell him or her to:
1. REJECT all amendments to H.R. 9, the Voting Rights Act reauthorization
2. Vote YES on passage of the clean bill

More than 40 years after its original passage, the Voting Rights Act continues to be an essential tool in fighting discrimination and protecting democracy. Millions of Americans depend on the vital provisions that are up for reauthorization which:

• require certain states and counties to get federal approval before changing their election laws and procedures;
• guarantee that citizens who need language assistance are not denied access to voting; and
• give the federal government the power to send observers to monitor elections.
Don’t let Congress turn back the clock on voting rights by weakening the VRA. Call your representative now and urge clean passage of the Voting Rights Act reauthorization bill – that means NO on all amendments, and YES on the current version of H.R. 9.

Call 1-800-808-0065 today!


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