Saturday, June 10, 2006

How Many More Cases for Impeachment Do There Have To Be?

It is hard to understand why some Democratic Party leaders are still insisting that if we win control of Congress in November, there will be no immediate push to impeach Bush and Cheney.

Just how many cases does a person have to make for high crimes and misdemeanors? Here is one more case. The Bush administration is covering up the misspending or outright theft of billions of dollars allocated for the Iraq war. Let’s take that a step further.

The Bush administration, even the president, himself, decided that an investigation ordered by Congress was not going to happen and that one Bush administration official even lied to Congress about the matter. You can simply go here to ponder the details.

Each and every transgression of the Bush administration is part of a pattern that continually subverts the will of the people and yet, somehow, our party leaders think we are working hard to elect Democrats because we don’t want to put an end to what is going on?  Get real Nancy Pelosi. A lame duck president wherever he comes from couldn’t be any worse.


Blogger XeroxBlogger said...

Most democrats are apparently waiting for Bush to voluntarily impeach himself.


6:43 PM  

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