Sunday, June 11, 2006

Amen, John B. for finally asking the question: why NOT impeach Bush?

I am frustrated and disgusted with the Democratic leadership’s “hands-off” attitude about impeachment. John B. has asked the question that we really need to have a response to about impeachment. My sense is that the leadership is afraid of alienating the Bush supporters who might possibly vote for Democrats who are running for Congress, but who would hesitate to “jump ship” is they thought that Bush might actually be held accountable for his misdeeds.

It might be true: some hard-core, head-in-the-sand Republicans might not vote for a Democrat, but chances are that they would rather vote for the anti-Christ than a Democrat anyway, so what is there to lose?

If this is what the Democratic leaders in D.C. have decided, I think it is wrong-headed because it assumes that Republicans are not very...well...very bright, and that they are more concerned with protecting their party than being Americans. This is akin to how pro-life people characterize pro-choice people.

In their broadsides against pro-choice, pro-lifers tell other pro-lifers that we pro-choice folk consider abortion to be the preferred choice of birth control. They pretend to be blind to the main thrust of such organizations as Planned Parenthood, which is to prevent unwanted pregnancies, to give council and support to women (particularly low-income women) who want to have safe, healthy pregancies, and provide abortions only as a last resort.

To assume that Republicans are blind, deaf, and stupid puts Democrats in the same black-or-while, “you’re either with or against me,” sort of mentality that we witness in the White House on a daily basis.

As John B. suggests: it is time for us and our leadership to state the obvious: Bush must answer for his lies, his deceit of the American people, and his responsibility for the deaths of innocents in an unnecessary war.


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