Monday, June 26, 2006

Constitution Under Attack June 26, With “Pledge Protection” Law

Our friends on the Right are at it again: pandering to the Christian Right" (the "Un-Christian Right" is more accurate), by proposing to strip the courts of their jurisdiction over cases involving the words "under God" in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Their latest attempt to restrict religious freedom, tweak the Constitution to make their religion the law of the land, and screw around with the centuries-long balance of power between the legislature, the judiciary, and the executive branch, is called the Pledge Protection Act. Officially it is HR 2389.

The major faith-based organizations (The Interfaith Alliance, Sojourners, National Council of Churches, etc.) do not take a stand on whether or not the words "under God" should be in the Pledge, but they have been against any attempt to re-write the laws that affect religious freedom (and freedom FROM religion), remove the courts from deciding cases involving religion ("court stripping"), or attempt to make the narrow-minded, sectarian views of a small but vocal minority the law of the land.

Dave Camp will be under a lot of pressure from his Republican masters to show he is a "real" Christian, particularly with elections coming up. This is the religious version of the NRA, and they are as ruthless and unethical as the NRA in getting their way. So call or fax Camp. Let him know that you vote too, and want to keep this country free for all religions. Vote no on HR 2389.

This might be on the floor of the House today, so we need to call or send faxes right away. Email is not as effective; call or write. Phone: (202) 225-3561 Fax: (202) 225-967


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