Wednesday, May 14, 2008

History is Being Made

History is being made. Something possibly we have not seen since the Kennedy race! It was fulfilling and gratifying to see Mr. Edwards give a passionate speech to an overwhelming crowd in Grand Rapids, Michigan! This was an inspirational event, to take down the walls as he put it. And as Democrats in Michigan we have to realize how revealing and great this media attention is for our state.

But, how do we deal with it as Democrats in regards to the harsh convictions of the race issue in politics? Practically, despite what the media says, it is irrelevant. This was shown in Grand Rapids, Michigan and beyond. All of us as Democrats have to look past the media twist on what is happening. Beyond Reverend Wright, beyond the categorization that this is a presidential contest based on chauvinism or race. It has nothing to do with it! Today was a day in which we unified as Democrats and pulled together to decide who has the best plan.

Change is going to occur. It might not happen immediately, it might not include an economic stimulus package. But it will be a change that will be better for us, the average citizen. And as our own county pulls together with supreme leadership to influence new candidates, we rise above that wall that Edwards referred to.

Andrew Thibodeau ICDP Political Advisor and Candidate for Isabella County Clerk


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