Friday, May 16, 2008

History is Being Made In Isabella County Too

The news from Grand Rapids on Wednesday and the enthusiasm of Michigan Democrats for the evolving drama of the national race has overshadowed another exciting story that bodes well for our local Democratic Party with historical implications here.

In the county where John Engler was born, a county where Republicans have controlled the corridors of the county office building, the Democratic Party in Isabella County is posed to pull a major upset by fielding the largest and strongest field of local candidates in county history.

After more than three months of hard work of encouraging and recruiting some of the best and brightest people in Isabella County to step forward, the ICDP is proud to announce a field a ten candidates to take on Republican incumbents. Many of those Republican incumbents have NEVER faced a Democratic challenger before.

But it doesn't stop there. The Democratic Party is also fielding an almost full slate of candidates to take on the Republican machine that has controlled politics in the Mt. Pleasant suburbs. Union Township, the conservative suburban area that surrounds the city, is about to see some new faces along with a few older ones convinced that their local government needs to return power to the people, not the local wealthy interests. We will also be making a major effort to increase the slim majority on the Board of County Commissioners.

The ICDP will be introducing its local candidates to the public in a fun and unique event with music and song and humor on June 24 at the historic restored downtown Broadway Theater.
Fun, energy and enthusiasm is coming back to local Democratic politics in Isabella County.

Isabella County politics will never be the same again.


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