Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Death of Dennis Kucinich’s Brother and Personal Compassion in Politics

It was discovered by some today who recognized the name, that Dennis Kucinich’s brother was found dead this morning in his Cuyahoga County home. Not much is known about the man, but that he was only 52 years old.

Coming from a family like Dennis Kucinich’s, a home where perhaps the passion of politics and national concern was socialized into the offspring's psyche, we can only imagine that he was a good man. A Billy Carter style brother? Did he live a tad on the wild side, valuing beer and argued to be an embarrassment to his successful brother? Billy died at age 51.

It is hard to know what Perry was like. There is not much news on the channels that show concern for the short big eared politician’s brother. It is hard to say now, but what is evident is that the media will not cover it. Instead they hint or report that there was no “foul play” involved in the sad occurrence. There was no salute for the man and the terrible time he currently is enduring. And this is a man who devoted his whole life to progressive Roosevelt style administration, who seemed scarcely admired or recognized by the mass media on this unfortunate day.

It seems today that it is all a race to just beat the ignorance that controls the executive branch today. We loose touch with the simple personal lives of honest bureaucrats who are going through a tough time. Instead we consternate on the dramatic sexual lives and Freudian mix-ups of politicians, the inconsistencies, moral judgements, and so fourth. The media wants to convict them of “foul play” in a tabloid dimension. So many candidates run behind the cross, but when it comes to just saying “hey, this was a sad occurrence for Dennis,” we all turn our heads and just go for the winner.

Watching the beautiful Robin Meade on CNN, and hearing no mention of the death of Kucinich’s brother was discouraging. Even more discouraging was that it was covered on the scrolling ribbon of FOX NEWS. And that text was sure to note only that there was no “foul play” discovered. Union workers in their jobs show compassion for one another in their work place, American politics should too, lets show some compassion here also.


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