Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Mike Huckabee.... Another Typical Republican

Don’t let Mike Huckabee fool you with his kind congenial language and his strong rhetorical mannerisms. Yes, a good man, but listen to his stance on issues and see how he does not offer change for the average citizen, the middle class, or the little guy. Sure he is professional and even is convincing to moderate democrats. But his stance on the issues are that of a typical of a republican, offering no progress.

Family Values and Strong Marriages…. We have heard this before. Defining family values or what a strong marriage is. Republicans preach often about freedom of government in our lives, but then turn around and try to define our family structure. This is not freedom. Everybody’s family values are different. Who says gays can’t have a “strong marriage” or who says single parent divorced mothers still can’t raise a family. Families are all different in structure and contingency, it is not governments place to define what a “strong marriage” is or what family values are. The only thing we can say is that love holds a family together and that comes in all forms without concise definition.

Fear Tactics… Again we hear about the possibility of getting “hit” again by a terrorist attack. That we don’t want our children to wake up in the morning or going to bed at night with this fear in their minds. Huckabee relates that so carefully to the time of the Cuban Missile Crisis and preparing for nuclear war. His memories of hiding under a school desk for protection form nuclear attack. Sorry, but these are two different things. That was the cold war with one basic enemy, communism. You will never win a war on terrorism. It is impossible to stop a motivated terrorist who will take their own life to hurt you. You cannot gauge fear this way, and fear should not be used to win votes. Roosevelt said it best in his First Inaugural Address. You want to reduce the chance of another attack, then become more friendlier around the world. Use multilateral lateral diplomacy to solve problems, not preemptive invasions of autonomous countries.

Huge Military…..Mike will tell us that he wants us to have the strongest military in the world, and that he will use it carefully and truthfully. Well, that costs money and tons of it. Basically what Mike is telling us is that he will do what a typical republican will do, that is big defense spending bills. This country can’t even afford to provide health care and public education to all its people, but we can build more bombs to kill people, our people and others around the world. Obtaining a political office should rely on a candidate’s commitment to public service. This includes human services for all American citizens? Inflated defense budgets don’t achieve this goal.

Gun Control…..Huckabee is sure to stress the point about freedom and guns. That it is not about hunting or preserving hunting, but about freedom to bare arms. Again, another strong NRA focused stance on the issue. He trumpets his definition of the constitution his own way. That owning and possessing a firearm is an inherent right as an American citizen. Charlton Heston could not have put it better. Again, a typical republican stance on an issue that blankets over the sickness of Virginia Tech and Columbine.

In all Mike Huckabee is a typical republican. Just like the ones we have seen in the past. For the most part, closed minded conservatives are all similar on most issues like these. American people need to understand typical republicans don’t offer change, something this country needs. And even though Mike comes off as a good competent gentleman, he is just like the rest of em’.

-Andrew Thibodeau


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