Saturday, September 30, 2006

Stabenow's Torture Vote

So we are all pissed about Stabenow's vote. She voted for torture. She took the weak stance.

She took the calculated stance. You know Bouchard was just waiting to make the "Stabenow is weak on terror" commercial. The Republican Nation Campaign office, aka the White House, wanted it this way.

Stabenow calculated (most likely correctly) that this heinous bill will not make through the courts. It is an awful bill. So she held her nose and voted yes, because she didn't want to help her opposition. Makes you crazy, eh?

But, here's the thing...

We are not strong enough to make her pay for her vote. The grassroot Democrats in this state are not organized enough, we are not a bloc to contend with, yet.

So go ahead, make her explain herself. She will probably give you some bs security answer. But, she knows that it's easier to explain to you than it is to with stand a barrage from the RNC and Bouchard about how "weak" she is.

We need to be stronger to make her pay for this.


Blogger John B. said...

Yes, we need to be stronger, but it is one thing to be sitting around coffeehouses and BS'ing about politics and it is something else to get off your butt and do some basic door-to door, isn't it?

9:34 AM  

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