Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Republicans Still Selling Snake Oil With SBT Voodoo Economics

Irresponsible. Illogical. Cynical. Ignorant. Naive. Stupid. Arrogant.

Pick an adjective for youself to describe the Republican push to kill Michigan's Small Business Tax. At some level anyone will do. First our Republican controlled Michigan legislature rammed through a bill to kill the SBT two years before it is due to expire. Of course, the Republicans didn't bother to describe how the 22 per cent of state revenues could be made up without an SBT and Gov. Granholm vetoed the measures as any fiscally responsible governor would do.

Now, it appears, Republicans are getting a ballot proposal together to kill the SBT outright to get around another veto. But again, there is no provision to replace the tax.

Cutting business taxes has been the battle cry of the GOP in Michigan since John Engler first started paying attention to the right wing propaganda that is passed off as research from the Mackinaw Center to Benefit the Rich and Powerful. Voodoo Economics with its trickle down theory that tax cuts for business and the rich eventually raises all boats has always been and still is total BS.

Killing the SBT without replacing it with an alternative tax is simply irresponsible. Can Michigan voters who don't have a clue what business taxes are all about be fooled by a multi-million dollar campaign? Maybe the Republicans will sink so much money into their cockamamie ballot proposals they won't have enough for their candidates. One can only hope!!


Blogger Bob said...

The Detroit News poll says businessmen agree with you.

Health Care. That what is on everybody's mind.


1:47 PM  

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