Monday, April 03, 2006

Cropsey Story Stinks - Cropsey Needs to Be Investigated

We haven't heard all of the other side of the story yet (the DEQ side) , but we think it smells and it is not just the rotten sewage we are talking about. Here's the whole story.

Sen. Alan Cropsey, a board member of a church in Clinton County, may have been involved in a violation of state law. The Grove Bible Church, where he is a board member, has been operating without a valid permit -- meaning the church is operating its sewage system illegally -- a fact as a board member, he would or should have known about.

How does our state senator propose to solve the problem that's been going on for several years? By telling his church they need to work quickly to bring the church into compliance with the state law? Think again.

By making Michigan taxpayers pick up the tab. Yes, that's our state senator's answer to his church's problem. It's not our church's fault, it's the fault of those darned bureaucrats who think every nit-picking little state law needs to be enforced, Cropsey's thinking goes.

Let me see now, the next time I get a speeding ticket in Michigan, my senator, will put money into the state budget to pay my ticket and scold the state police for being out of control. Or maybe that's just for his own church members that he will do that.

We think our senator might have forgotten when he was sworn in the last time he actually promised to uphold state laws and the Michigan Constitution, not try to find ways around them. We think the Republican state attorney general needs to look into this one. I'd be willing to bet that Mike Cox won't do a damned thing about it.


Blogger Bob said...

Damn Skippy...


8:18 AM  
Blogger Captain Salty said...

The only person who needs to hear the DEQ's side is Cropsey himself. Rather than sticking a clear conflict of interest into a budget bill, he should have maybe asked them why they'd tell his church two different things three decades apart. Most adults realize that things change over thirty years.

You know, I used to think that Joanne Emmons was the worst possible person who could ever represent Isabella County in the state Senate. I mean, here's a woman who said that we needed the Nestle plant in Mecosta County in case terrorist attacks left our water supply contaminated. But, she's nothing compared to Senator Special Interest.

9:23 AM  
Blogger Bob said...

I love it...evoking 911 for water rights.


12:20 PM  

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