Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Dick DeVos's Best Buddy Tom DeLay gave Amway $283 million tax break

Tom DeLay will be leaving Congress before summer sets in!! Hallelujah!!

I'll bet Dick DeVos will miss him, because Tom DeLay, who was also a former Amway salesman, has done well for himself playing the Amway pyramid scheme that biased courts called a company. The relationship for DeVos and DeLay has been a very lucrative one for both of them. Way back in 1997 Molly Ivins (God bless that woman) reported the Republicans had given Amway a $283 million sweetheart deal.

While Republicans were cutting benefits and privatizing everything they could get their hands on they've been giving away our taxpayer dollars to the likes of Dick DeVos to salvage a company which is exporting jobs to China.

Imagine using taxpayer dollars to run for office. Might as well have campaigns publically financed. We are paying for the DeVos campaign anyway.

Yup, that Republican Dick who wants to be Michigan's next governor will miss Tom DeLay. The rest of us won't.


Blogger Bob said...

Dick De Vos
Dick Chrysler
Dick Cheney
Dick Posthumus

Just another Republican dick.

9:49 PM  

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