Saturday, April 08, 2006

Republican Dave Camp Thinks He Can Fool Us Again on Tax Cuts

The Republican mantra on tax cuts has always been that they are good for everybody, when in fact, they merely shift the tax burden from the rich to the rest of us. That giant sucking sound you hear is taking money out of your pocket and giving it to the rich and ultra-rich.

Rubber Stamp Camp, who parrots the Bush party line on tax cuts, was caught red-handed by the New York Times's David Kay Johnston on Wednesday with his facts down. With the party's head liar resigning in disgrace, Camp got shoved in front of the spotlight on the House floor to mouth the party line that cutting investment tax credits would help most people with incomes under $100,000. Problem is, that was pure BS.

Faced with tough questions from the New York Times economics expert did Camp just back down and say, " Sorry, my mistake?" Nope. He blamed the error on Congressional staffers, but brushing aside the errors, still thinks the policy is good for our country.

Now let's recap. The facts supporting the policy are wrong, but we are still going ahead with the tax cuts that benefit the rich at the expense of everybody else. Here's exactly how it went down, according to the Times:
Mr. Camp, who had said in an interview that his figures were correct, said Monday through a spokesman that he had been misinformed by the staff of the House Ways and Means Committee. But his office said he supported making the investment tax cuts permanent because cutting these rates was "good policy and good for our economy."
Good for the rich who Dave Camp represents anyway.


Blogger Bob said...

duh...that's who is important, the rich...

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