Wednesday, April 05, 2006

More Editorial Support for Granholm: DeVos is a Drama Queen

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The Morning Sun in central Michigan is giving more support to Granholm's veto of the SBT repeal. They even call out the Republican Dick running for governor, for being a drama queen.

So, the rhetoric appears to more heated than realistic.

Why is that? The answer could be as simple as election-year politics.

While on the stump in Mt. Pleasant last week, presumed Republican candidate for governor Dick DeVos hit on one underlying theme again and again. The SBT is a job killer. It will be hard to forget, too, since he slapped his hand on the table repeatedly in emphasis. It not only got the point across, but made for memorable political theatrics.

That was two days before the governor sensibly vetoed the bill. The two appear headed for the blissful wedding in a campaign narrative – Jennifer Granholm won't do what it takes to put Michiganders to work, but businessman Dick DeVos will.

If there's something to that, let's see some real evidence. But, next time, let's skip the campaign drama and get to work on real solutions.

The next dramatic job killer: The Estate Tax...buh,buh,dummmmmmm.

DeVos needs to learn something, corporate taxes are not going to resonate with the Michigan public. We all know what is killing our jobs: Health Care. No amount of table smacking is going to change that.


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