Monday, March 27, 2006

Don't Forget --We Won on Minimum Wage

Despite the clever maneuvering by the Republithugs in the state legislature on passing a minimum wage increase, the fact remains it never would have happened if Democrats across the state did not make a huge effort both informing people and getting them to sign minimum wage petitions. The entire process raised expectations and public support for an increase in the minimum wage and only when the groundswell of public support became obvious, even to Republican pollsters, did the increase happen.

So all those folks who participated in garnering signatures and signing them should take a second and enjoy the victory that we collectively achieved. For those Democrats who forget that unions continue to work hard for the ordinary people, the minimum wage would not have happened without our Michigan unions too. When the Democratic Party reminds itself that we are the party of the people and when we work together, we can accomplish great things for the people. In October when people begin to see that increase in their paychecks, we need to remind them -- Democrats made it happen.


Blogger Bob said...

We win when we get the message out there...although frankly I would have liked to see the ballot initiative go out anyways...

10:39 AM  

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